Blessings Just Keep on Comin'

Like I said in my last post, I'm not going to focus on the bad stuff in my life or worry about the stuff I have no control over. What's the point in that? It doesn't do anything but put me in a bad mood. It certainly doesn't change the situation. So, I thought I'd take time to count a few more blessings I've had over the last week or two.
First, a little over a week ago Will was invited to his very first birthday party. I was such a proud mama when his mother asked me if Will could come. Are you kidding (I thought)?!?! Of course he can come! We lived in Tulsa for seven years, and during the entire time Will was alive, he was not invited to one party (other than those at The Little Light House). I know some people don't know how to respond when he does some of his "Will things" or are scared he may get hurt, but he's still a little boy, and it makes me so sad to see him watching other kids doing things he can't do. It almost seems like he knows he can't do them but he still wants to, so he just stands in the background watching. Well, since we've moved to Little Rock, things have been different. In case I haven't mentioned it, WE LOVE OUR CHURCH!!! The people there have gone out of their way to make us feel loved and welcomed, and that includes Will. So - back to the story - we went to the birthday party at Jump Zone. Will loves to jump and does so every Sunday at church, so I knew he'd like it. The only thing I was worried about was the number of kids there and if he'd get too overwhelmed. Well, he didn't! He did great! He jumped and jumped and jumped (and he only sat on one baby!). It was so fun to watch him do something that all the other kids his age get to do. And, the kids at the party were so sweet to him. Several of them also go to his school and came up to him and said, "Hi Will!" Then they'd tell me, "He goes to my school." Anyway, the party was a huge success. He had a great time, and so did I. Feeling like my son is wanted is a huge blessing. 
Then, the following day, Jeremiah and I tried to go to Winter Jam. We had some terrific friends agree to come over and watch the kids, so we didn't have to pay for a sitter. They brought their kids, and they played with Will and Cate. All the kids had a wonderful time together. Winter Jam was sold out, so we went to dinner and a movie. It was our first date since August of last year. It was so nice to spend time together, just us. It was even nicer that we didn't have to pay for a babysitter. I look forward to repaying the favor so that our friends can enjoy some time together too. 
One last blessing - while I was out of town at a conference for work, Will's school had family fine arts night. His teacher informed me that he would be singing one of the songs with the regular class. I thought to myself, I know he is doing great and that his vocabulary is exploding, but have you met him? There's no way he can get up there and sing with his class. Boy was I wrong! He stood up there like a "big boy" and did motions and said "yeah yeah" when all the other kids said it. I paid $9.95 to get internet access at the hotel just so I could watch the video, and boy was it worth every penny! Most parents probably take things like that for granted, but this was Will's very first performance of any type, and he did so well. I am one proud mama! 
Each week at church I learn something very useful to me and am trying to put the lessons I learn into practice. So, hopefully the only thing you'll read in these posts is uplifting and encouraging. I hope you enjoy my little stories. I also hope you enjoy these pictures of my little blessings posted below.