Good news, bad news

Cate went to the doctor today. It was good news and bad news. Good news first - she gained a pound!!! I couldn't believe it. I mean, she only gained 3 ounces over the last 3 months, and then she gains a pound in 3 weeks. Hooray!!! Bad news - she has her third ear infection in 3 months. It looks like she may be on her way to getting tubes. I hope not; I hope she won't have any more infections. But, if she has to get them, she has to. I just hate the thought of my baby being put under anesthesia. Pray that her ear will heal and that she won't get any more ear infections.
Will is doing great! Ever since his surgery, he has hardly spit up at all. He hasn't spit up in probably 2 or 3 weeks now. The only time he spit up after the surgery is when he still had some swelling and tried to eat something too big. He's pretty much back to his old self, which I love. He is really trying to learn some words. His most recent advance in his speech is the word "ouce." In our language, this means ice cream. The reason he says "ouce" is because I call it ouce cream (like Michelle Tanner on Full House!). I ask him, "do you want pudding or ouce cream?" and he says, "ouce!" He is running, and jumping, and in constant motion. Continue to lift him up as well.
As always, more updates to come.

When it rains, it pours!

So, Cate had her 9 month well child check last week, and she only gained 3 ounces in 3 months. That's not good. She fell to just below the 5th percentile on the growth chart. Again, not good. Her head fell from 75% to 25%. And, to top it all off, her pediatrician thinks she is delayed in her motor skills and recommended that she start physical therapy. Jeremiah and I thought she was doing well - she is light years ahead of where Will was at this age. Apparently that's not good enough. Now we're trying to find a physical therapist for her. The state's early intervention services suck. They were totally worthless with Will, and if we hadn't gotten him private therapies, I'm convinced he'd still be sitting like a lump on the floor with no communication skills at all. Anyway, the point is, I was expecting a great report and got the opposite. Please pray that Cate will grow and be healthy. Pray that whatever is causing her not to properly process the tons of food she eats each day will go away. Work is also totally stressing me out right now. I'm really trying to do my best, but a coworker keeps making mistakes that I get blamed for. Pray that this situation will be resolved with my bosses knowing that I'm doing my job. Pray for patience, because I really really need it right now. I also need strength and encouragement to deal with all of this. So, I guess pray for that too. Cate goes back for a weight check in about 5 weeks. Hopefully she will have gained good weight. More updates to come.

I feel like we live in the doctor's office!

So, the kids have more doctors' appointments this week. Will goes to the surgeon on Tuesday for a post-op visit and to hopefully get his feeding tube replaced with a mickey button. Then, Cate goes on Thursday to the pediatrician for a hospital follow-up and her 9 month check-up. Finally, Will goes to the geneticist on Friday afternoon. The neurologist he saw in Little Rock said we should definately see a geneticist with the combination of his delays and seizures. Anyway, I'll try to post again soon when I have more news. Pray for us this week...that we make it to all the appointments and that we get good news!