Almost done

It's hard to believe, but our time here in Tulsa has almost come to an end. I didn't think that when Jeremiah and I moved out here seven years ago that we'd be here seven years. I also didn't think that we would have two kids while in Oklahoma. But, we did. Pretty much, our entire married life has been spent here. So far, life has been good. There has definitely been bad stuff that has happened, but overall I think the good outweighs the bad. We will be moving to North Little Rock three weeks from today to start the next chapter of our lives. I will be starting my developmental/behavioral pediatrics fellowship at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Jeremiah will be staying at home (at least for the present time). Cate will start preschool two days a week at First Assembly of God North Little Rock in September, and Will will start public school special education kindergarten in August. We still don't know what school he will attend because we haven't had his IEP meeting, but the director of special services for the school district said that they are starting a self-contained kindergarten through second grade class for non-verbal children, so I'm hopeful that it will be the right program for Will. I have a feeling it's going to be a long summer for Jeremiah at home with both kids, so say a little prayer for him. We have been blessed beyond measure by our church home here in Tulsa, Woodlake Church. The people there have truly treated us like we are their family. We have been supported, lifted up, prayed for, and blessed by them. The recent changes that have occurred in the church over the last year have been a huge blessing to us as well, and we are really going to miss everyone at Woodlake. I have a feeling we will be coming back to Tulsa every now and then to visit. The Little Light House has allowed Will to blossom beyond anything I thought he would ever be capable of. The staff there is the most amazing bunch of people on the planet. They care for our special children like I didn't think anyone was capable of, and they help the kids achieve "milestones and miracles" that can only be a gift from God. I will miss The Little Light House more than I can express in words. While I have enjoyed my time at OSU during medical school and residency, I am excited to start this new phase of my life. I am a little nervous about learning a whole new hospital, computer system, etc. I am nervous about making new friends at work and at church. But, I know this is where God is directing my life. He has been the ultimate tour guide in my life so far, directing me exactly where He wants me. God has put us where we are supposed to be in order to provide our needs and the needs of our children. I was so scared when we moved to Tulsa in July of 2003. I thought it would be the longest four years of my life. Well, it's turned out to be a very quick seven years, and I look forward to what is yet to come.