Video of Will

So, I tried to post this video to facebook, but the video application is all jacked up, so I'm going to try and post it here. It's Will on the couch with me just being Will. He does display some of his speech accomplishments like saying hi, waving bye, and blowing a kiss. You'll also hear his babbling, which I'm convinced we'll find out one day is some foreign language and that he's actually completely verbal. Anyway, enjoy!

I'm a Slacker!

I'm a total slacker, and I'm sorry I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks. I am working in the pediatric ICU this month, and it's an incredibly stressful and busy rotation. I can't even remember what has happened since my last post. Will is going to be having surgery on his right eye next month. Both of his eyes wander, but his right eye is worse. The doctor said it will probably take multiple surgeries to totally fix it. I think he's hoping that the left eye will fix itself. If not, we'll have surgery on it eventually. He had his annual check up and things went well. He's on the Prozac and Tenex, and the combination seems to be working. He definitely isn't calm, but he's better than he was...I think. Cate had her 18 month check up and is doing well too. We were able to cut her asthma medicine back to once a day, and she had some allergy medicine added. She weighs 22 lbs. 13 oz. She's still tiny, but she is growing, and that's all that matters. She is going to start speech therapy so she can catch up with other kids her age. Will is re-starting outpatient speech because he's starting to regress in his speech. We're hoping we can get their appointments together so we won't have to go up there so many times each week. Anyway, I think that's all for now. I probably won't post again until November, when I'm out of the PICU and life returns to some sense of normalcy. Thanks for your patience and understanding. More to come...