Will's 5th Birthday

Long Overdue Update

I am the absolute worst about posting updates, and I apologize. Well, Will and I went to the neurosurgeon on the 25th, and we got great news. Rather than do surgery right away, he decided to wait 6 months and do another MRI to see if the syringomyelia has changed at all. I was surprised but very happy to hear this. Will started his final year at the Little Light House last week. He is in a new room (the purple room) and doing well. They are in full swing with their big fall fundraiser, Mini Laps. If you want to know more about Mini Laps and help Will raise money, go to this website and you can donate directly from there: http://littlelighthouse.donordepot.com/civicrm/contribute/pcp/info?reset=1&id=45
Cate started her second year of preschool at Highland Park Learning School. She is in the green room this year. There are 5 kids from her class last year and 2 new kids in the class. I think she really enjoys it, and I know it's good for her development. She also goes to the Little Gym once a week for "gymnastics" class.
I am in my last month at Saint Francis Children's Hospital. It is so stinkin' busy. It's just me and one intern. We round everyday until 6:oopm. We are averaging 26 patients each day - which is a lot with just two residents. I come home super tired and fall asleep on the couch most nights.
Jeremiah is still staying home with the kids. He is so excited about college football, but he's not very happy about the way Alabama is playing tonight.
We got a new pastor at church, and I think he's going to be really good for Woodlake. He is young and has a family. He is a wonderful speaker and has a heart for the lost. He also has a passion for passing on our faith to the next generation. It makes me even more sad to think about leaving Woodlake next summer when we move to Little Rock.
Anyway, that's all I have for now. Hope all is well with all of you. I'm going to post some pictures from Will's birthday for you to enjoy. Hopefully I'll be back with another update soon.