Spine Surgery!

We got Will's MRI results yesterday. His brain is fine, but there is something on his spine called a syrinx. A syrinx is basically a fluid filled cyst or tumor (not cancerous) that forms on the spinal cord. It can cause all sorts of problems, and the doctors think it may be responsible for some of Will's signs and symptoms. His neurologist called us today and said the neurosurgeon had looked at the films. He agreed that it was a syrinx and not a normal variant as we had hoped it might be. He also said we need to be seen in neurosurgery clinic soon to arrange treatment. The only treatment I can find is surgery to remove it. His symptoms probably won't change as the sugery tends not to reverse things but does prevent any worsening. I'm expecting to hear next week about when he'll be going back to Little Rock to see the neurosurgeon, and I assume that we will get a date for surgery then. This, of course, brings about lots of things to pray for. So, please pray for the following:
1. Will's symptoms don't get any worse before this can be taken care of.
2. We can get seen and scheduled in a timely manner.
3. I can get someone to cover my shifts at the hospital so I can be in Little Rock with Will.
4. God will provide financially for all of the medical bills this will bring.
5. We can have enough help with Cate and the house while we're gone.
6. Peace for all of us, especially me, and I worry about things that could go wrong before, during, or after the surgery.
7. A quick recovery for Will.
8. That nothing else goes wrong.
This has been an extremely trying week. We've lost Will's medicaid. We'll probably be losing his SSI. Social security is asking us to repay $5700 of "overpayment" that is their fault. Will has been sick with intermittent fevers. Work is super stressful, and now this. I feel like my life is best described by the phrase "when it rains it pours!" I feel completely overwhelmed, sad, worried, stressed...I didn't mean for this to turn into a pity party. My main concern is my son. Anyway, I'll post more when I have some news. Until then....