Mostly good news this time

So, an update on the kiddos. First of all, Will didn't have to get glasses this visit. We're thrilled because we had no idea how we were going to keep them on him. The opthomologist said he looked pretty good right now and that he'd see us back in June. I guess we'll wait and see what he says at that visit about glasses, but for now, we are glasses free! Secondly, Cate gained another 4 ounces! Hooray! She is around the 7%, which is where she was at her last weight check. She really seems like she's doing well to me. She finally looks like she's filling out some. Her appetite certainly isn't the problem. She eats like a little piggy. Dr. Pfanstiel seemed happy with her weight, and we certainly are. Now for the tiny bit of bad news...Cate will be getting tubes put in her ears on Monday. The doctor we saw today is super nice and was able to get the surgery done quickly. It's not a major surgery, but it is a surgey. There is still anesthesia, so there is still a small risk. Pray that the doctors will do exactly what they are supposed to and that the Lord will guide their hands as they work on Catie Bug. Pray that this surgery will correct her problem and that she won't need any more antibiotics or surgeries. Finally, pray that her recovery goes smoothly and that we don't have any complications. I'll update you after her surgery.

More Surgery

Again, sorry for the delay in posting. My life is going ninety to nothing right now. I hardly have time to eat or sleep, much less blog. Anyway, I took Cate to the doctor today because she has had an ear infection for almost 3 weeks and is still pulling at her ear, running fever, and very fussy. So, the doctor said her ear doesn't look infected anymore, but there is a lot of fluid in her ears and she's going to need tubes. I'll call the ENT office tomorrow to make an appointment for her. I guess we'll find out more at that time. Just be praying that Cate will feel better.

Will goes to the opthomologist this afternoon and we will most likely be getting glasses. I'm dreading that. I don't know how in the world we're going to keep them on him. I guess that's another prayer request. I'll post again (hopefully soon) and let you know how this goes.