I know....I know

I'm sorry I've been such a slacker about blogging. I've been on wards (in the hospital) at Saint Francis. With my 12-13 hour days, I'm so tired when I get home that I don't even think about posting. And, to make things worse, I'm on wards again for May. Woohoo! Anyway....
Will started taking Focalin XR (an ADHD medicine) about a month ago. We also increased his seizure medicine. Apparently he was have several seizures everyday, but Jeremiah didn't realize that what he was doing was seizing, so it went on and on until I figured it out. (Will's seizures aren't the kind where you fall down and shake all over.) Anyway, since we've made those adjustments to his medications, he has been doing AWESOME! His teachers say he is vocalizing more and using more signs. He's also able to match a few simple pictures - something he's never done before - and make some associations. Easter week they were learning about the Easter story. His teacher held up a picture of the cross, and Will pointed to the Christian flag and soluted! I cried when I found out. I'm just so thrilled he is making progress. He has also started saying his fourth word - cookie! he learned this one thanks to his little sister who is always asking for cookies. Will's seizures are back under control since the increase in the medicine. Knock on wood, he hasn't been sick recently and is doing really well overall. We may start trying to potty train soon, depending on recommendations from his teachers and therapists. Keep us in your prayers about that.
Cate is doing great too. She has been in speech therapy for about 3-4 months now, and her vocabulary is exploding. She still doesn't have as many words as she should for her age, but she is catching up. I swear it's like she has a new word almost everyday. She hasn't been sick recently either (knock on wood again!). Her Singulair and Flovent (asthma and allergy medications) really help her. She recently turned two and does at time act like a "terrible two." She is generally a very good natured child. She is really funny too. She loves to dance, and dances to American Idol with me every week. She also dances everytime the I-Phone commercial comes on. She had her two year old well child check 2 weeks ago and is growing well. She weighed 27 pounds and is 34 and 1/4 inches tall. She has definitely made up for that time period when she was "failing to thrive."
Jeremiah is still a stay-at-home dad and loving it. I'm sure he doesn't love it when I complain about the house being messy though! He is so good with the kids, and that really is the most important thing. He also helps me a lot by feeding them before I get home from work, getting them to school and therapy, etc. I do wish he was a better housekeeper, but hey, if I have to pick between a good dad and a good housekeeper, dad wins out every time.
I'm wrapping up my second year of residency. I officially become a third year on July 1. It will be my last year of residency, and boy am I ready. I have senioritis badly! I found out last week that I got the fellowship position in Little Rock. This is my first choice, so I'm really excited. I can't wait to only be doing development and behavior and not have to worry about all the other stuff I don't like as much. We're researching schools for Will. That will really determine where we live, especially if he winds up going to public school. I want him to be at the school with the best special education program in Little Rock. There is also a private school for special needs kids that we're looking into. It's fairly expensive, but definitely not what they could charge for all the services the kids get. I also have a friend in Little Rock who I went to med school with, so that will help. Her church has a ministry in their children's department just for special needs kids. How cool is that?! We're going to visit for sure. We'll be coming home to Alabama in June. My best friend from med school is getting married, and her fiance is from Alabama. How crazy is that? I mean, she's from Oklahoma, he's from Alabama but is doing his residency in Tulsa. The world really is small. Well, I'd better run. I have to get up at 5:10 in the morning. Hope you all are well, and I'll try my best to get at least one blog in this month...but no promises!