Today has been one of those days. You know, where nothing can go right and you just keep getting bad news? Well, this morning when we dropped Will off at school, his teacher told me that he had to go to the principal's office yesterday and that his hitting is really getting out of hand. This makes me so sad, because I don't know that Will understands that hitting is bad. I also don't think he understands that the kids he's hitting can't fight back. Then, we go to get our taxes done, and they tell us we have to have our social security cards. We've been looking for them for several days and can't find them. We called , and they place that does our taxes said if we came to the same location we used last year, we wouldn't need our cards. We got there, and they said we had to have them. So then we go to the social security office and wait an hour and a half to apply for new cards and get receipts that we can use at the tax place. Once we finally got to go up to the window, they told us the shot records we brought for the kids' ID's (this is what they told us to bring), weren't the right kind of shot records and that we would have to come back once we had the right kind of shot records. They wouldn't accept the official birth certificates I had with me. I was so mad. I just don't understand why people have to be that way. Anyway, I just really needed to vent. Please pray that things get better in my life because right now I'm stressed to the max. Hopefully my next note will be more uplifting and light hearted.