She Gained Weight!

Cate went for her monthly weight check yesterday, and guess what! She gained 13 ounces!!! That is a huge improvement and the most weight she's gained since she was 2 months old. She now weighs 15 pounds 0 ounces. She is still at the 12% for weight, but she didn't fall on the growth chart this time. She's actually about the same spot she was on last month, which means she might have picked a growth curve. Hooray!
Will went to the eye doctor today. We are supposed to wait 3 months and watch his eyes. If the wondering gets worse, we're supposed to call and be seen sooner. If he doesn't get worse we'll see the doctor again in February. At that point, one of two things will happen. If his eyes are the same, he'll have to start wearing glasses. If his eyes are better, we may not have to do anything. That would sure be nice. I can't imagine trying to keep glasses on him. We'd have to duck tape them like they do his shoes at school!