Another Hospital Visit

The day after Will got home from Saint Francis from his surgery, Cate was admitted to OSU-MC. She had been running a fever the day before, so I checked her ears. They were infected, so I had a friend call in an antibiotic. The next day (the day she was admitted), her fever got up to 104.3. She wasn't eating and got dehydrated. She was also much less active than normal...floppy like a rag doll. Her pediatrician's office was closed, so I took her to the clinic where I work. Everyone there who saw Cate was like, "Oh my gosh, she looks really sick." One of my attendings looked at her, and said she needed to be put in the hospital. They were able to get an IV in her arm, but it infiltrated, so she wound up (after a total of 20 pokes) with one in her head. She got 3 days of IV fluids and antibiotics. She is doing great now, but she sure gave me a scare. She was discharged home in time to spend a little time with her Gran outside of the hospital and to have the best first Christmas a girl could hope for.


veggiemom said...

Poor Cate! Glad she's doing better and made it home for Christmas.
Kerri and Ruby