My Poor Will

Will has strep again. It's really bad. His tonsils and the back of his throat are covered in white pus (sorry if that's gross!). He hasn't eaten in 2 days and has only had 1-2 oz of fluid since Friday. He just lays around and cries. I know he feels terrible. He's running fever with it. It's been staying in the 102 to 102.7 range, which makes him feel even worse. The other issue with the fever is that it makes him more likely to have a grand mal seizure. He had his first one the last time he had strep about a month ago. I've been treating him with Tylenol and Advil around the clock this time trying to prevent any seizures. He'll have to miss school tomorrow, which we all hate. It's so good for him to be there. Pray that Will gets better very soon.
As far as updates go, Will went to the ophthalmologist on Tuesday. We're patching his eyes again. The right eye wonders more than the left, so we're patching the left eye for 2 days, then the right eye for 1. He does okay with it as long as we tape the patch around his head! I feel kind of sorry for him, but we only do it at home, so people don't stare at him any more than normal when we're out and about. Cate took a step and a half today! Hooray! I think we're on the verge of independent walking. I certainly hope so. She was sick the first of the week and is better now, so we're hoping she doesn't get sick again with what Will has. I swear, if I could keep my kids healthy, I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself! I really hope my next post has nothing to do with my kids being sick and is all about how Cate is walking or how Will learned a new word or something awesome like that! We'll see....