Welcome Baxter!

I know, I'm a slacker and haven't posted in a while. Sorry. Life's been crazy around here. Today, we added to the craziness...we got a puppy. Baxter, a chocolate standard poodle, joined our family today. He is 3 months old, and is adorable. He seems to be pretty laid back, which is a must in our house. Will loves him, and calls him "Ba!" It's the sound he uses for all dogs. Cate isn't sure about him yet, but I think as they get used to his occasional bark, they'll love him. I took a video clip of Will loving on Baxter. Baxter is Will's birthday present from his Gran and Poppy. As you may or may not know...Poppy gives the best prizes!


Laurie said...

Baxter is adorable! You are in our thoughts and prayers Barbara! I have those days as well (from your post on my blog).