Medical Update on Will

I talked to Will's developmental pediatrician Monday morning, and he asked all about what was going on with Will. I told him about how he was more agitated and aggressive than before the medicine. I told him how the teachers at school were complaining about his behavior. They said that they had to constantly be one-on-one with him and redirect him a lot more than normal. When I told him all of this, we asked me if they knew he was on the medicine. I think he was trying to figure out if they were really seeing these effects or if it was just because they knew he was on a new medicine. I told him they didn't know, because they didn't at first. We started the Prozac on a Thursday and told them about it on the following Wednesday after they commented on his behavior.Dr. Gustavson told us to stop the Prozac. He didn't start any new medications at this time. He's going to see Will again at the end of January, and I guess we'll re-evaluate then.
Will has also seen his ophthalmologist since I last posted. We had been patching his eyes because he has strabismus (wandering eye) in both eyes. This was our second round of patching, and it wasn't successful, partially because Will wasn't that cooperative with the patches. Anyway, Dr. Groves is going to operate on Will's right eye in November. He said it will probably take more than one surgery to fully correct it. I guess he's going to wait to do the left eye and give it a little more time to correct itself. I wasn't at the appointment, so I'm not 100% sure on that.
Will has his 4 year old well child check on Monday. Hopefully nothing unexpected will come up. I won't be able to go this one either. That's the sucky thing about being in residency. They only thing I plan on is him getting a new prescription for Claritin and getting his immunizations. I am also anxious to see how much he weighs and how tall he is. He had lost weight the last time we took him in. I don't think his height has been measured in a year. He is so tall and thin, I bet he's grown a lot. I'll hopefully post again on Monday after that appointment.
Will and Cate both have some sort of virus right now making them cough, have a snotty nose, and have diarrhea. I'm also starting to feel badly. Pray for us all that we get better soon.