Good News Bad News

Well, Will's labs all came back normal, and he hasn't had diarrhea since Monday, so things are looking up. He made it through school on Tuesday and Wednesday without any problems and is now on Thanksgiving break. I still don't know what's going on with his bruising, but we'll keep an eye on it. He is such a great kid. I just wish he could catch a break, you know?
Cate ran into a window sill today and tore her frenulum (the little piece of tissue that connects your lip to your gums). It keeps bleeding on and off, so we called the dentist. His nurse said there's nothing that can be done and that she could bleed all weekend. Something to look forward too, huh? Her school pictures came at great. I wish I could post them, but the website has a sign-on and password. Anyway, I'll post another picture of her so you can see how cute she is (again!).
Thanksgiving is coming up, and I have to work 24 hour shifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week. We're planning on spending Thanksgiving day at my boss' house. She's been very kind to our family. She even put us up during the ice storm when we had no power. I'm sure there will be pictures, and I'll post them next week. Hope all of you are doing well.

This is gross. I apologize!

I warned here goes. Will has had diarrhea for 2 weeks now. He'll be okay for a day, so we take him to school. They call us and tell us he had a blow-out and to come pick him up. We've been doing this for the past 2 weeks. We finally took him to the doctor last week, and the doctor ordered stool studies. Well, if you don't know, that is the cure for diarrhea. So, no poop for 2 days. Then, the blow-out to top all blow-outs. I turned in his poop today to the lab, and the initial test came back negative for blood. This was a huge relief because I thought I saw blood in his poop this weekend. There are two more tests pending. I'm hoping he just has some sort of terrible virus, and that it will stop soon. Being a doctor, I fear the worst. I've got to stop doing this to myself. The thing that makes me worry is that he seems pale to me. He's also eating less and more tired than normal. This is improving, thank goodness. He has always bruised, but there seem to be more than normal, and they're hanging around longer too. Again, I hope I'm just worrying about nothing. Please pray that Will is okay. He seemed much better tonight, and Jeremiah and I are hoping that we're wrapping up this disgusting period in our life.
Catiebug has yet another cold, but she is doing well. She is a feisty little thing. She likes to do whatever her brother does, which often gets her into trouble. She is learning to talk, and her favorite word is doodoo. Lovely, huh? I think putting her in preschool was definitely what she needed as far as her development. She has a speech therapy appointment in another week or two. I think we'll take her, but I'm not sure she'll need it for long. At least, I'm hoping she won't. I think that's about it for now. More to come.....

Done with PICU!!!

Well, I'm finally done with PICU!!! My last day was October 31, and I've never been more glad to be done with a rotation in my entire life. I did learn a lot. I got to intubate a patient 4 times and assist with some line placements, so that was good, but it's just not my thing at all. Anyway...
Will was supposed to have his eye surgery today, but he was sick all last week with some pretty nasty diarrhea, so it was postponed until December 8. God knew what he was doing though, because the change is allowing my mom to come for the surgery and allowing her to see the children's music and baby parade at church as well as attend Cate's Christmas pageant at school. I can't take time off to be with Will, which totally sucks, but at least my mom gets to come. He's better more diarrhea (praise the Lord!).
Cate is doing well. She was her first ever school pictures tomorrow. I've ironed her clothes and laid everything out. I'm going to fix her hair before I leave for work in the morning, but I'm still nervous about how they'll turn out. I wish I could take her to school and make sure she looks okay, but I have to go to work. Pray she looks cute and doesn't get some ginormous scratch on her face or spill something on her dress.
Anyway, I really don't have any other updates right now. I am attaching a video of the kids playing that is pretty cute. I'll post again soon, when I actually have something interesting to say! Until then...