Little Rock Rocked!

Well, today is my last day on my developmental pediatrics rotation in Little Rock, and I have had an awesome time! Everyone has been really great and encouraging about me coming here for my fellowship. One of the psychologists asked me this morning if they had promised me the position yet, and when I told her no, she said, "Well, I'll start talking to Jill (the program director) about that them." Things look very encouraging. I had dinner with the program director and the two fellows and had a really good time. Everyone here is really nice and seemed very excited that I wanted to do the fellowship.
There is also a lot of stuff in Little Rock for Will. They have every type of pediatric subspecialist there is and also have places for outpatient therapies. There is a special needs private school that goes kindergarten through 12th grade, but I don't know how much it cost yet. Anyway, if we came here, I think Will would have all of his needs met. I also have a friend who lives here. She is the person I've been living with for the past 2 weeks. We went to medical school together, and the is at UAMS in Little Rock doing her residency in anasthesia. She will be completing her 4th and final year of residency my first year of fellowship, so we'd be in town together for at least one year. It will be nice to have someone to help us get to know Little Rock. The church she goes to even has a program just for special needs kids! How cool is that?
Cate had her speech evaluation yesterday, and she tested to be delayed in her speech. I kind of suspected it, but she had been saying new words over the last month or two, so i was hopiung I was wrong. She'll start speech therapy soon and probably go at least once at week. It stinks because she doesn't have medicaid like Will does, so we'll have to pay out-of-pocket for some of the costs. It's okay though because we want what's best for her. I'll update more after her first session. Hope all is well with all of you. More to come...


Laurie said...

Hi Barbara! Have not checked your blog in awhile, but I remember we were chatting about our little girls and speech. I am going to have our little one evaluated in the next couple of weeks too. Our kiddos are so close in age. Josh is 4 and Jocelyn is 23 mos.