Good news, bad news

Well, Mini Laps is over and it was great! Thanks to all of your support, Will raised a little over $6400! We exceeded our goal of $5000 thanks to all of you. We are so grateful to have your prayers, support, and concern for Will. He is doing well at school. This is his last year at The Little Light House, a thought that makes me want to cry. We will be moving to Little Rock in June, and he will start kindergarten there in the fall. We're on the look-out for a good public school with good special ed for Will there, so if any of you know of good special ed elementary schools in the Little Rock area, please let me know.
I was able to go to Cate's speech therapy today (for the first time in a long time). She has really been doing well at home with her speech. She's up to probably 150 words and is using 3-4 word sentences and phrases. She is not, however, talking at school or church. Her speech pathologist was hoping that this was just part of the usual progression of a child with expressive speech disorder, so we waited. She told us today that she thinks Cate has selective mutism, which is a disorder where the child talks and interacts in one environment but doesn't in another environment. She told me not to freak out or go googling it, and I'm not, but I also had to let it out. You guys are always so supportive and pray for us, so I wanted to let you know so you could pray for Cate. We're trying some techniques that are supposed to help her, and her prognosis is very good according to her speech pathologist. We are going to see her pediatrician to get the official diagnosis, but our speech path specializes in expressive speech disorders and this area, and says she meets all the criteria for diagnosis.
Anyway, that's the update for now on the kids. I'm in the NICU at OSU MC. I'm done with wards at Saint Francis!!! Hooray!!! I have several electives coming up and then will start my fellowship in developmental pediatrics in Little Rock in July. I'll be going to the AOA convention in New Orleans Nov. 1-5, so if you're in the area, come see me! That's all the excitement in our lives right now. Hope to hear from you guys soon.