It's almost here!

Well, it's almost here...Christmas, that is. I am excited about Christmas, mainly to see how our kids (and Jeremiah) respond to the mountain of gifts under our tree. Cate knows who Santa is (sort of) now and enjoys looking at the tree and the lights outside. I'm not sure if Will knows what's going on, but he will have a blast opening all his gifts and then playing with the paper and boxes. I'm not excited that I have to work on Christmas. It is supposed to be out-of-house call, meaning that I go in, see the patients, and go home on my pager. However, my out-of-house call shift yesterday was anything but at home. Luckily, the clinic isn't open on Christmas, and most people try not to come to the ER on Christmas unless they're super sick. We're having lunch at home. We were invited to one of my boss' house, which is super sweet of her, but being on call and traveling too far from home makes me nervous. Anyway, I'm very proud of myself because I purchased all the food for our Christmas feast for the low low price of $37! Woohoo! I've learned to shop very thriftily (if that's a word) and use coupons, price matching, etc. to save some pretty decent money. I'm very sad that we won't be able to spend the day with our family. We'll be thinking of them all day and probably talk to them on the phone several times during the day. I'm praying for a day of excitement in the morning with presents, then a quick time of rounding at the hospital, yummy lunch, and quiet evening at home. Anyone who wants to pray for the same thing certainly can. I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas, get everything you put on your list, get to spend lots of time with the people you love, and spend a few moments reflecting on the true meaning of the day. We love you, and Merry Christmas! ~ The Saunders Family

Second Video of Cate

Here is the second video. Enjoy!

Video of Cate Singing

Enjoy this video of Cate singing some songs she learned at school. I couldn't get them to upload to Facebook.