Only 5 more months...

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We had a pretty good day. Will was sick with a tummy bug on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then Cate started throwing up on Christmas Eve. Jeremiah got sick early on Christmas morning, and I was nauseated all day on the 26th. I was also on call the 21, 23, 25, and 27. We managed to survive the blizzard and the tummy bug and salvage a nice evening of opening presents with the kids. We did not, however, get to eat our Christmas dinner.
It's hard to believe that the new year is here and that in only 5 months, we will be moving to Little Rock. It seems like each year time moves faster and faster. Will and Cate are in their final semesters at their schools, and graduation is quickly approaching. Will graduates from The Little Light House on May 20, and I have residency graduation on May 22. I also take my general pediatrics board exam on May 15. There just seems to be so much stuff coming up that it's a little overwhelming. We're looking for a house but haven't had much success. We thought we'd found the perfect house, but we finally decided it was too good to be true. It's a good thing because I'm 99% sure it was a scam. I know God has always put us exactly where we are supposed to be, and I just need to "let go and let God." My new daily devotional book had a statement in it that I'm trying to make my new motto, because as most of you know, I'm very much a planner and don't like it when I can't control things. The statement is, "You will find great joy when you realize that God's agenda is greater than your own."
So, in the next five months, I am believing in the Lord that He will provide a house for us, a school for Will, a preschool for Cate, and a church for our family. Feel free to lift all of these things up in prayer the next time you go to the Father.