Our trip to Little Rock this week was a huge success! It started with Will's psychoeducational testing. The results weren't surprising, but it just made it so real to actually hear the results. Sometimes it seems like he really is that "intelectually disabled (the new term for mentally retarded)," but sometimes he seems so much smarter than that. I guess the good thing about the results is that he should get more help at school that way. We then tried to find houses to look at. We weren't having much luck with getting people to call us back. We finally looked at one, and it was a "maybe" but we wanted to keep looking. No one would call us back. We were getting kind of sad and thought we might go home without a house. There was a man who I had called before we left Tulsa, but he was having an open house the weekend before we were to arrive, so he didn't think it would still be available. Then, I called him again on Monday morning to see if he had rented the house. He said he thought he had a renter, but the man had to talk to his wife. He would call me Tuesday if they didn't take the house, but he was sure they would. We looked at two houses on Tueday that were just too small. Another lady was supposed to call us but never did. Then the man called us and said the renters had backed out and we could look at the house. We were so excited! It just seemed like God had worked it out for us to see this house. It could have been rented several times before but it wasn't! We got there, and the neighborhood seemed nice. The house had good curb appeal, and even had a two car garage! (Now my car doesn't have to sit out in the driveway!) Inside were two living areas, a dining room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. The laundry hook-ups were inside (our's right now are in the garage). It needs a face lift, but it seemed perfect for us. It's about the same size we have now. The back yard is much better for playing than the one we have now. The man didn't want to have any pets in the home. He also wanted to rent it as quickly as possible, and we aren't moving until June. Well, my sweet Daddy talked with him, and Tuesday night at 8:30 I got a phone call that the house was ours!!! The elementary school we're zoned for is top three in the city and has a good special education program for Will. The crazy thing is that we are one street from being in a different town where we would be zoned for county schools (which aren't good). God was looking out for us for sure and provided this great house. We also have been connected with an amazing church in North Little Rock. It's very big (three services each Sunday with about 1200-1500 people at each service), but because it is so big, they offer a lot of great things that are good for a young family. Their children's pastor is well-known across Assemblies of God churches and even writes curriculum that is taught all over the country. They have a preschool that Cate can go to. And, I saved the best thing for last...they have a ministry within their children's ministry just for special needs kids! It's called COOL Kids, and Will loved the room. While we are very sad to leave Tulsa and our friends and family and The Little Light House and Woodlake Church, it really seems as though God has gone before us to Little Rock and paved the way for our move. He has been in every step of this process and provided every need. As I learned this weekend at the Woodlake Women's retreat, when you "let go and let God" things work out for you (even though it may take a lot longer than you want).


michelle said...

Awesome! He knows our needs!!