Count Your Blessings

Have you ever had one of those days? I'm sure we've all had a million of them, but today is NOT one of those days for me! I woke up with perfect hair - a miracle if I've ever seen one! What's the big deal you may ask? Well, this good hair day allowed me to have half an hour of "me time" this morning that I usually do not get (because I usually spend that time doing my hair). I am convinced and determined that this is the start of a great day. To make today even better, I get to go to church tonight. I know I've talked a lot about our church here in North Little Rock, but I truly cannot say enough good things about it and the awesome people of God who go there. Anyway, back to the point...
Lately there have been so many terrible things going on all around the world - riots, natural disasters, civil war, a crappy economy, and government unrest. It would be so easy to just focus on that and worry. Well, as most of you know, I'm a worrier. It's genetic. My mother is a worrier, and her mother was a worrier. I've been told by my dear sweet husband, whom I love with all my heart, that I am my mother, that my mother is my grandmother, and I guess by default that makes me my grandmother. (By the way, I take that as a compliment!) Earlier in the year I wrote about being a giant killer and how my personal giant is worry. I've really been trying not to worry and to put things in God's hands. What's the point in worrying? It doesn't change a single thing. The Bible even says so in Matthew 6: 27: "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" 
So instead of worrying today, I am going to count my blessings. I'm not going to list every single blessing in this blog posting because I'd be here all day (and unfortunately, I have to go to work), but I do want to list a few blessings. These blessings are especially important to me because they are things I thought I'd never have. You see, we never thought our little Will would be able to do half of what he can do today, especially talk. And while he can't talk like a normal 6-year-old little boy, he can say more than I ever imagined he'd be able to. I want you all to know what a miracle the Lord is performing in my angel's life and praise God with me for these blessings. So, without further adieu, 
Will's Words: 1. Juice (his first word, spoken at around 2 years 6 months)
                        2. Cookie
                        3. Please
                        4. Thank you
                        5. Uh-oh
                        6. Book
                        7. Baby
                        8. Mama (my favorite! spoken for the first time on Mother's Day 2010)
                        9. Papa (my dad's favorite!)
                        10. Backpack
                        11. Piggy (his word for his know, "this little piggy went to market")
                        12. No (my least favorite of his new words)
                        13. Yeah
He even has a few phrases now. They're not perfect but they are understandable to most people, especially those who are around him a lot. They include: "Where are you?"  "What's this?"  and my very favorite "I love you!" Will's syndrome means that he'll always have delayed language and probably not ever have very many words. Most kids with it never talk at all. From what I've read even the highest functioning kids only get somewhere around 50 words max.
So, these 13 words and 3 phrases are 16 of the biggest blessings in my life. I hope that you can quit worrying about all the badness going on around you (or even in your personal life), and take the time to count your blessings. I bet you'll have more than you ever imagined!


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