Finally...Some good news!

I got a call from the kids' pediatrician today around lunch time. I'm very lucky in that he considers me a colleague as well as a parent and he calls me personally instead of having his office staff do so. Cate has had 2 tests this week for cystic fibrosis. One was on her stool and tested her pancreatic function. It isn't specific for CF, but it lets you know if the pancreas works. She also had a blood test yesterday that will tests for about 75 of the mutations that cause CF. That takes 2 weeks to get back. Anyway, he called to tell me that the stool test showed that Cate's pancreas works well. Hooray! This doesn't mean she doesn't have CF, but it does make it less likely. Kids with CF typically have pancreatic failure, and Cate's works super right now. I was so excited to get some good news. Now we just have to wait on the blood test. It's going to be a long two weeks. If she doesn't have CF (which I pray she doesn't!), then we'll start down the road of a failure to thrive work-up. This involves many more tests, but I think CF would be the worst case scenario, so I can deal with anything else! Keep praying.


Kerri said...

Glad to see some good news for Cate!
Thinking of you,
Kerri and Ruby

LTCM said...

Paw Paw is happy!
I wish I could have seen Will giggling.