More test results

Will had his EGD on Wednesday. He did great through the procedure. I was in the room when they started giving him the medicine to make him go to sleep. He got woozy, and the doctor laid his head back on the bed. Then Will started giggling like he was drunk. It was so funny! Anyway, once they were finally able to get Will to sleep (apparently that wasn't easy), he went through the scope fine and was awake right after when I got to come back in the room and see him. The doctor told us he has erosive esophagitis and gastritis from his reflux. Will is supposed to continue his Prevacid and the doctor gave us some more foods to avoid - chocolate (Will's allergic anyway), greasy foods (like hamburgers and french fries), tomatoes, and citrus foods/drinks. Yea! More things Will can't eat. Anyway, he has his barium enema and abdominal ultrasound on Friday. Cate has blood work tomorrow to try to find out if she has CF. Continue praying for our kids. M0re updates to come.