Doing Great!

Well, Will had his surgery on Monday, and he did very well. He tolerated the anesthesia wonderfully and only had one seizure that night. He still has some pain when I change his diaper and wipe him, but otherwise, you'd never even know he had anything done.
My parents were here this week for spring break. We had a wonderful week with them. We went to the zoo and the aquarium. We also did some shopping, ate out, and all the other fun stuff you do when you're on "vacation." Will and Cate always have a good time with Gran and Poppy (or whatever the will eventually be called).
The kids are doing well in their respective therapies too. At Cate's speech therapy appointment the therapist told us that she was doing well and that she was sure that one day things would click and she'd just start talking all the time. She also said Cate was doing some things, like color matching, that are advanced for her age. Will's occupational therapist said she's noticing a better attention span and improvement with his fine motor skills. Praise the Lord for their advancements.
I start back to work tomorrow. This is my last week on the developmental rotation and then it's back to the grind at Saint Francis. Those days are long and tiring and don't leave much time to do anything else. I'm at the hospital for April and May, so say a little prayer for me and my family who will be doing without me more then they have this month. I'll do my best to post one more time before the madness of the hospital starts, and after that, no promises!