Please Pray

I have 2 things I'd like you all to pray about.
1. Cate was sick today. She was weak and very mopey. She vomited several times, and her breath has had an acetone smell to it. It is probably nothing, but the doctor in me worries about diabetes. My reasoning behind this is that most kids are initially diagnosed with diabetes after a period of vomiting and a fruity/acetone smell to their breath. Like I said, I'm probably worrying about nothing, and I know too much for my own good. Nevertheless, we do have a family history of diabetes, so please pray that Cate only had a stomach bug and that she'll be fine.
2. Will is having another surgery on Monday. This surgery is to bring his undescended testicle down. (Sorry if that is too descriptive for you!) Hopefully this will be his last least for a while. It sill be surgery #4, and he's done really well with the others. Pray that he tolerates the anesthesia and that it doesn't cause any seizures.
Thanks for your interest in our lives and all of the support you give my family through your prayers. I'll update next week.


michelle said...

How was Will's surgery? Praying for him (and you and G-Man, too!)

Mom to Will & Cate said...

He did great. Thanks for your prayers.