God Knew

Thursday we will be heading home to Montgomery for the first time since last Thanksgiving. A lot has happened since then. I've finished residency and started fellowship. We've moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas - slowly making our way back east of the Mighty Mississippi. My beautiful sister has had a baby - the second cutest little boy in the entire world, second only to my Will. Friends are getting married and having babies. Life is definitely happening, whether I want it to or not. 
I can't help but look back and think, "Have I really done all of this?" You see, the last time I actually lived in Montgomery, I had just gotten married and was still in the process of applying to medical school. I had always wanted to be a doctor, and I knew it was God's will for my life. But, it wasn't until after the wedding that He decided to let me in on the plan as to where I would go. I certainly didn't think I'd be moving half-way across the country. I had no idea why we ended up in Tulsa. God knew. Then, surprise! Here comes little Will. I had no idea why we were having a baby so early in our marriage and my medical school career. God knew. I survived medical school and had to decide where to do my residency. I decided to stay in Tulsa only to find out I could have had a spot back in Alabama. Why? God knew.
Will got in to the Little Light House the same summer I started my residency. It was there that Will was able to reach his full potential. Had I not listened to Him, Will would have never had that opportunity. Who know what he would or would not be able to do if he hadn't been able to spend three wonderful years there. God definitely knew.
Then the decision came to do a fellowship. Oklahoma City or Little Rock? (Okay, that was an easy one!) Why couldn't I find a good private school for special needs kids for Will? Why did I have to send him to public school, where I had heard bad things about the special education system? God knew. He blessed me with a smooth IEP process and wonderful people to work with. He blessed Will with an amazing teacher who has personal experience with Angelman Syndrome. He's blessed us with support that we wouldn't otherwise have had. God knew. 
Now, we're heading home for a little rest and relaxation. We're heading home to some things that are happening and I don't know why. But, God knows. He is in control of every situation. I'm praying for a peaceful time with our family - time to catch up and enjoy each other. God knows my heart, and I have a feeling that this is going to be a very special weekend.