Our time here in Montgomery has come to an end. We arrived on Thursday evening and had dinner at our favorite Montgomery restaurant, El Rey. The food was delicious, and the company was even better. Friday we went to the hospital to visit my great aunt who is in her mid-nineties and "at the end of life." We then had a delicious dinner at home with my family and my best friend Melanie and her husband Joe. Saturday we went shopping and then went to Aunt Sue's house to swim and cook out. It was really nice seeing everyone and spending time together. Will and Cate had a wonderful time in the pool. They both were able to tread water completely unassisted for the first time. Will walked all over the shallow end by himself too. It was really neat to see. Today we went to church and had lunch with my parents. Then we went to Jeremiah's dad and step-mom's house for a visit. We had a good time. The kids loved watching the chickens. We came back home, dropped off the kids, went and did a little more shopping, had dinner with Melanie and Joe, and then had frozen yogurt with Melanie, Joe, Catherine, and Jessie. It has been a very fun and exhausting day.
I love coming home and seeing everyone. I try my best to visit with everyone who wants to see us (mainly they want to see the kids). It's really hard to get that done in such a short trip. If we'd had anyone else to visit with I'm not sure we could have fit it in. While I love visiting, it is very tiring . We haven't been able to sleep in at all and we go non-stop everyday. I wouldn't have it any other way, unless I could add hours to the day during which I could rest. We'll be heading home again for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas. While I don't have any more vacation time now then I did last year, it's easier to get home and I can take my vacation whenever I want it. I like that! This weekend has been all I was hoping it would be. I hope things are this good when we get back here in November.