Good Results

Cate had another sweat test today. This is part of the work-up for cystic fibrosis. Her first result was 41, which is indeterminate (too high to be negative and too low to be positive). The result today was 18!!! This is well within the normal range. I was very excited to hear that. It doesn't completely rule out the possibility of cystic fibrosis though. There are many people with CF who have had sweat test results as low as 10. I'm hoping this is a good sign and that Cate doesn't have CF. We're going to see a pulmonologist in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. I am going to ask him to do a test that tests for 1500 mutations that cause CF. If it's negative, that means there is a less than 1% chance she has CF. If she does have CF, it should pick it up. We're praying that she's just kind of puny and that everything will work itself out. Pray with us that she doesn't have this disease and that she'll gain weight and stop having all of these respiratory infections. I'll post again after we see Dr. Royall on Tuesday.


Lynn said...

I'll be praying for you. We go on July 10th for my son's first meeting with our pulmonary specialist. Our first test was a 49. Our 2nd was a 61. Crazy. My son is 13 and very healthy. This is his 2nd sinus infection in his life. He was the tallest kid in 6th grade. I am praying hard that the tests are wrong. God is in control and His will will be done in Jesse's life. He is my angel too.