It's Official

It is official. Will has Angelman Syndrome. This is what I have felt in my heart for the past two years is the cause of Will's "specialness." We saw a specialist in Birmingham, AL (at UAB) who gave Will the clinical diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome. This is a genetic syndrome that is confirmed by lab work in 80-85% of cases. Because Will's lab tests have been normal, we had to see a doctor who had worked with enough AS kids to know enough to give a clinical diagnosis. And he said Will fit the picture of AS to a tee! Everyone keeps asking me what AS is, and rather than try to explain it in this post, I'll give the Angelman Syndrome Foundation website, and you can read until your heart's content! The address is
And on a side note, Cate is sick AGAIN! The asthma meds are working between illnesses, but right on cue, she got sick again exactly 4 weeks from her last respiratory infection. Pray for her that she gets better and that she does only have asthma.
More updates to come.