More Good News (Sort Of)!

I took Cate to the pulmonologist in Oklahoma City yesterday. He said that Cate's history and chest x-ray findings are consistent with asthma, not cystic fibrosis! Hooray! He said with her low sweat test score and no mutations showing up so far, tha he would be shocked if she has CF! We are still going to have our pediatrician do the full CF mutation panel so we can completely rule out CF and put our minds at ease.
The pulmonologist is starting Cate on an asthma regimen. This included twice daily inhaled steroids, a short course of oral steroids, and albuterol as she needs it. He said we should start seeing some improvement over the next few weeks. If is not asthma (which is very unlikely according to the doctor), then she won't get any better and could possibly get worse. If this happens, he'll do more testing in 3 months when we go back. I'm praying that it is asthma and that she does get better. Plus, we'll have already done the full mutation panel and will know for sure that she doesn't (hopefully!!) have CF.
More updates to come. When we get the results of the mutation panel (in 5-6 weeks), I'll let everyone know. As for now, please pray that this is asthma (weird to pray for that I know) and that the medicines help Cate.