Beach Trip

We drove from Tulsa to Montgomery on Saturday, and then we came with my parents down to Fort Walton Beach on Sunday. The kids have had such a good time. We've been to the pool each morning, and they swim for almost 2 hours. Will absolutely loves the pool. It's very common for kids with AS to love the water. This has been like heaven for him. It was Cate's first experience at the beach. Neither of them are particularly in love with the sand or the beach, but they both love the pool. I wish we had one at home. We'd probably live in it. Cate even made a friend while we were here. We met a sweet family with a little girl named Abigail who is only 2 days younger than Cate. I've attached a few pictures so you could see what a good time we've had. We're going back to Montgomery tomorrow to spend 5 days before we have to return to Tulsa. Enjoy!