Doing Great!

Will and Cate are doing so great right now!
Cate had her 15 month well child check yesterday. She weighed in at 22 pounds! Her weight came up on the chart from 10% to 35%. Her height is 30 inches, also 35%. She is walking everywhere. She is starting to say a few words, mainly the words Will says. She's becoming his little mirror image. The pediatrician said she looks great and is a "normal healthy baby." That was music to our ears! She also has gone 5 weeks without being sick! We may have broken the 4 week "sick cycle." Pray this well period continues.
Will is just doing great. He finished school for the year yesterday. He has a month off and then starts the new school year in August. He has taught his little sister how to give kisses! It's really cute. Today they were giving kisses to each other! His communication continues to grow. He still only has 4 words, but he is learning more signs and gestures that help him let us know what he wants. He has also learned to open (and pour out!) his sister's cups. That's fun to clean up....not!
Sorry it's been so long since I last blogged. Hopefully I can be better about that. More updates to come!